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I am having trouble deciding which to go to. We are temporarily also at jenanddani.blogspot.com, but honestly I don’t like it that much. I’ve already lost a few posts (long posts) because I was automatically signed out when I logged into my Gmail. So that completely sucks.

Because they were good posts.

About the calgary mayoral race, and the baby tiger ( RIP ) and also the crazy pastor down in Flor-i-da who wants to burn up the Quran and make everyone mad and a little insane.

Ok, so the tiger is kind of old news now, since it is dead. And hopefully this leotarded pastor will blow over sometime soon – so that leaves me with the Calgary Mayoral Race as a gripping topic for the future.

Lifehacker’s poll of best blogging platform actually named wordpress first. So yay for wordpress. That’s good enough for me.


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