Rainy Day

I am in Victoria. This almost didn’t happen because I apparently can’t copy a schedule from one calendar to another. Because I’m special that way. The most challenging part of getting here (after getting past the scheduling) was security at the airport. I actually volunteered to go in a line up that involved in a full body patdown because I thought that would be faster

Instead I got to go into this fancy machine, and someone in a back room saw me naked, and I couldn’t care less. It was all really quick, but then I had to wait for some employees to have an argument about who was properly spacing the luggage. My luggage – so that caused a bit of wait. And then by the time I got to the gate I practically walked right through and onto the plane.

Just visiting the mothership. It’s rainy of course out here, but compared to Calgary’s weather its practically summer here.

Just read Jen’s post – and I have to agree that was the best part of the trip. She truly is planning our Christmas holiday right now. Because she likes planning holidays.

Only exciting news is that I ordered a new computer finally and it has finally shipped. Yay Dell Vostro – don’t let me down.


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