Bound and Determined

Jen and I spent a weekend in Toronto recently. I was reminded (again) of how much I love it there. There are actual people walking around, actual little communities, and actual functional transit. I love the old houses and I terribly want to rent one and live in it as some sort of a transient hippy. I want to ride my bike around and do my laundry at a laundromat. I realize I could do that in Calgary – ride my bike and do my laundry at a laundromat. But. Well that seems kind of stupid, since we have a washer and dryer and also most people have a washer and dryer and there is some sort of stigma associated with the laundromat here in Calgary.

So we have discussed this a time or two – moving to Toronto. There is not a real good reason not to make this move. There are several sub-par reasons though, which seem to add up to at least one good reason. One reason is that my mom lives in Victoria, which is far from Toronto. Another is that Jen’s job right now is quite good (I don’t have a job, so it’s inconsequential to the decision). Yet another is Jen’s love of the pathway. And another is the relative comfortable life we have already established here – it would be “uncomfortable” to move now.  Also, since I have done my training in this area, it “may” be easier for me to get a job here – at least at first. Which kind of points back to our comfortable life.

Regardless. Here we are, and this weekend we agreed to give Calgary a good solid try for at least 4 more years. As a result I am trying to be a whole lot more positive about Calgary. I am TRYING to think of at least 15 things I like about the City of Calgary. Good solid actual things. For example, Costco doesn’t count because there is Costco everywhere.

I couldn’t think of one today. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Home Sweet Home - Looks nice as a CGI



2 thoughts on “Bound and Determined”

  1. I love it and didn’t realize how much i’ve missed your blog. Thank you for considering me in your decision making re wanting to relocate to TO. It really is far to get in a hurry. as for good things about Cow Town, there is lots there, the only difference in the two cities is the people and of course the weather. Remember how hot Ontario is in the summer?? Yuck, humidity! Calgary doesn’t have the pollution back east does. Of course neither city has what God’s Country has. ❤

  2. hello “new” blog! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon hopefully (please please please?). And I realized that if I had been reading this blog I would have known you were in Victoria back in September.

    But Victoria isn’t that amazing either, no place really is once you call it home, I find. It’s only exotic when you’re a visitor. Or maybe my attitude sucks. 🙂

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