Rush weekend in Toronto checking off the major items for a proper Toronto visit.

  • Visiting one of my dearest friends (also being able to stay in his amazing loft – great Toronto apartment)
  • Dinner out – this time only to Springrolls – a safe bet in a hurry
  • See a play – Wicked the musical (this is now my third time)
  • Brunch – a newer restaurant at Bloor and Lansdowne near my friend’s place. The Bloordale Pantry – super cute!
  • Waiting by subway station having a lady tell her cigarette that “they aren’t doing anything their talking is just bothering me” (yes, this was in reference to us)

I really love Toronto. I really miss it alot after visiting.  The people, the restaurants, the little shops, the neighbourhoods, the crazy street talk, crazy fashion.

Ironically, in this same week I gave the tenants in my condo there notice.  I guess it is time to move on (at least from that place) and see what the future brings.  I can already sense that 2011 is going to be a year of big Big BIG change.


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