“I knew I was gay when I fell in love with a beautiful woman.”

Jennifer Knapp is GAY.

I always knew she was a giant LESBIAN. This is probably why I liked her music so much. She has a very interesting and open stance on being Christian and Gay. She thinks you shouldn’t have to choose between being a Christian and being Gay. I have my own opinions. I am so glad she came out though. I don’t really care if she wants to be a Christian. But it is so good for so many young homos to see more gay people in the media.

However, she sucks at being on Larry King Live. Really? You didn’t think he would ask any of these questions? You couldn’t have had some better answers prepared? Stammer stammer stammer.

I also love love love this Pastor on here who comes off sounding like an idiot. This is one of the better debates I’ve seen about homosexuality and the bible.

Welcome to gayness Jennifer Knapp. And yes, I will buy your new CD.


2 thoughts on ““I knew I was gay when I fell in love with a beautiful woman.””

  1. Did you hear that Ray Boltz came out too? As in “Watch the Lamb”, “Thank You”, Christian ROYALTY Ray Boltz? Awesome.

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