Wedding News!!

A venue has been secured!  A deposit has been made!  A date has been picked!  On August 14 2011 – I will marry an amazing woman in a morning ceremony and brunch will be served with mimosas and caesars! Exciting!

Brunch was essential for us.  Okay maybe just for me, but I convinced Dani and it became essential to her as well.  With any wedding celebration, food is pretty essential to the entire affair.  Dani and I have a few brunch traditions.  One is our annual gay pride brunch that we invite our friends to prior to going to the parade.  Another is really whenever we are home together on the weekend brunch together is a big part of the weekend.  The third and most recent one would involve me getting up for a long run on Sunday while training for the marathon and coming home to having a lovely meal prepared by Dani.

So now with the venue and date picked the REAL planning begins!  Oh my!  It is going to be g-r-e-a-t!


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