Happy Birthday Jennifer :)

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A smattering of some favorite photos of the birthday girl! (Some I took, and some I stole from FB).

Jen and I celebrated her birthday somewhat quietly. It was  a day off of work for Jen (what with it being Remembrance Day and all). We walked along the new pathway (East Village!) into Inglewood for an afternoon of fun. The fun started at Fair’s Fair, a giant used book store. I am trying really hard to stop being so consumeristic and by things used – or not at all. So our usual birthday tradition is to go to Chapters and each person gets to buy a book of their choosing. Instead we did Fair’s Fair and picked a few books each. What’s nice about this is we have the option for returning them after for a credit towards new books we want to buy! We did end up going to Chapters later in the day, because it is hard to break a tradition like that – but we didn’t even find anything we wanted.  So I succeeded in changing the birthday tradition over to used books.

Then we wandered down the street to the new home of the Ironwood Stage and Grill! This is an amazing live music venue that used to live in a cramped home, but has since moved to an old theatre space. So it’s big, and has a huge stage. As an added bonus, it also has amazing food. Jen had a pulled pork sandwich with apple coleslaw and blue cheese! Delicious! I had the special which was a pasta in a curry based sauce, with spolumbo sausage, chicken and BACON. All meats in one. This made the decision easy for me – ALL MEATS.

In the evening we went to Chapters (as previously mentioned) and also rented a movie (exciting night!) and got Jen some carrot cake – which is her favorite, and last year I totally blew it on the birthday cake front, and will likely never outlive it.

Happy Birthday Baby. 3 of ∞!


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