Dani P’s Lonely Birthday

Today I have had the loneliest birthday ever. Let me tell you about it.

  • Woke up at 5:15 – had shower
  • Made lunch – looked out window when I heard howling wind. Blizzarding outside.
  • Felt mildly crampy – spontaneously got my period.
  • Bundled up and walked to work. Slowly because the sidewalks were sheets of ice, and I had to keep my eyes closed because shards of ice kept stabbing them.
  • Work was actually not that bad.
  • There was two low points. 1. failed intubation. 2. being asked to sign 2 birthday cards for other people whose birthdays are sometime in November.
  • I mostly had a lot of fun at work.
  • Then I walked home in the blizzard.
  • Then I told my room mate it was my birthday so that someone would wish me happy birthday to my face.
  • Then she drove to McDonalds to get me my requested birthday dinner.

Highlight of the day is Jen’s happy birthday video – featuring Pancakes the cat.


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