It is here, winter. Each year it surprises me.  Even more surprising each year is that I surprised by winter and I honestly mean this.  Each year I think that I secretly think that yes it is coming but not yet and it won’t be that bad and then WHAM there it is and I am ill prepared.  At least I own winter boots now, that is a plus.  And I also have a semi-winter coat another plus.

Someone asked me today if I was planning to run through winter.  Naturally my answer was yes since I am training for a race in the spring.  We started talking about running in winter and the pathway and gear.  I think that this conversation also played into my denial about winter.  The entire time I am having this conversation I am agreeing with this woman. Yeah, run in winter. Yeah, need under armor. Yeah, I can do this.  Until, I step outside and feel too cold to even go to the car!

Basically, I wish I lived in Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Ecuador.

Winter Driving - the LEAST fun activity

PS In response to Dani’s post, I am going to do my best to have a special make up birthday when she arrives back in Calgary 😉


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