Dani’s Long Walk

I had a day off and decided to get a few errands done. Unfortunately I do not have a car in Lethbridge right now, so I decided to walk. More unfortunately the temperature was hovering somewhere around -30.

I bundled all up, and put on my room mates hiking boots. I had to use 2 pairs of socks because she is a size 9. This was still superior to my airy runners. I walked for 30 minutes. My legs were on fire. Since I had managed to take proper care of my upper body (4 shirts) it seemed to be doing ok. First stop – The Cutting Company. This is a low budget, walk in hair place. I have never been in and out of a hair-cut so fast. The lady was nice enough I guess. She saw my engagement ring and proceeded to ask me a series (a long series) of questions about my future husband and what does he do, and how is he enjoying baching it. I told her that my husband was having a gay old time up in Calgary by himself. He thought it was just great. It was the longest fake conversation I have ever held.

So there I am in the hair cutting chair. My hair is all cut, and soaking wet. Hair cutting lady asks me, “Would you like me to blow dry it?” Uh. Yes please, it is like -60 zillion degrees outside. This extended the hair cut by 7 minutes. And done. Back out onto the freezing cold street. I had a 30 minute walk ahead of me to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I did not make it.

Because this got in my way.

Life Saver

I popped in to the Tim Hortons and had coffee, soup, bun, and donut – all for $4.19. What a gem.

Finally I did reach the Grandparental Home (5 km total walk). I discovered that while trying to call me to let me know they would be going to the parmacy, they in fact accidentally called my mom. By the time they figured everything out with phone numbers I had already made it into the house. I have had the same phone number for YEARS, but it is a problem every time they try to call me. So I was updating my phone number in my grandpa’s cell phone, and also my mom’s since there is obviously some sort of mix up – and was interested to see the new spelling of my name. “Dene.” At least they got the last name right.

Another interesting thing to note is that my grandparents have a space heater pointed AT the door. I was wondering why it wouldn’t be pointing into the house. “Dene – it’s cold out!” was the response I got. Which obviously explained everything – especially why you would want to heat the outside door and the entire neighborhood every time the door opened.

For the first time ever my grandpa is not putting lights on the outside of the house. He said it is too cold. I am a little sad because it is kind of making his mortality ever apparent – on the other hand, hopefully he will live a bit longer, since he won’t be falling off of the roof. It’s a toss up.

I played a few hands of cards with my grandma. I happened to get a particularly good hand, and she suddenly stated there had been a mis-deal and she had to deal again. WTF. Like a 5 year old. I think she spends too much time with my cousin George.

And then to round off the day I walked to my friend Kim’s house and babysat her little baby for an hour. He is cute even though he puked on me.


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