Avenue Live

I have made my web debut.  Okay, really it was just the back of my head and some of my shoulder but I am on a web program, Avenue Live.  I was invited out by a couple of friends to go see Dave Kelly’s program at the Ironwood.  It needs to be said that I adore Dave Kelly – why you ask, well I can’t really explain it.  I use to watch him each and every morning on Calgary’s Breakfast Television.  This included the time that I lived in Toronto.  He has since left this program and this made me sad but I still watch it each and every morning.

The program was fantastic!  It included Peter Pot a beatbox artist from Calgary.  Also on the program was an acquaintance of mine Olympic Gold Medalist, Kyle Shewfelt (yes, I know an Olympian!) and The Old Trout Puppet Workshop.  The show was a great time, good laughs and a great crowd.

Avenue Live Ironwood
Derek, Kristin, Kyle, Me and Nate

An aside from all of this is that I have been thinking of cutting my hair.  Short. To make sure that I am 100% convinced this is the right thing to do to my long long long red hair is that I have decided to wear it down everyday until my scheduled haircut. This was one of those evenings.  I received not one, not two, not three but five compliments on my hair. In fact, later in the evening when Dave Kelly introduced himself to me a friend commented “I think he really just wanted to meet your hair” So naturally, I am thinking that this may not be the greatest idea and will probably change my mind for the next little bit and keep it.

Here is the show in case you are interested, I found the sound quality to be a bit poor at times but well….



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