Winter Run

Today I did my first long winter run. The weather was okay -7 and only lightly snowing. When my friend Dan asked me to go I thought that maybe we would go for 10KM – no big deal. He had other plans for us and wanted to do 15KM. Naturally, I think okay I can do that maybe we should try for a bit more. A bit more ended up being 17.2KM on the icy trail in the snow. And you know what, it felt FANTASTIC! The last 2KM were pretty rough but Dan did a great job of keeping me going which is what I think will make him a great running partner. With only about 800 meters to go, he could see that I just wanted to walk the rest of the way. Instead he started saying “You can do it, you got it, this is the EASY part” and put his hand behind my back and ran pushing me to go faster. This was great. I felt strong and remembered that this is just another run and finished it STRONG. Time was only 1:54 which is okay, not great but considering it was icy and snowing I am giving a solid two thumbs up.

In other news, I have booked my hotel for the Vancouver Marathon in May. Only one night but I am staying at the host hotel the Four Seasons!!!!  Okay, sure, I could have stayed at the Holiday Inn but the Four Seasons was only $20 more. And it is the Four Seasons!  In addition, they also have a welcoming package for all runners and a late checkout on race day.  I might be going to this event alone (well, two work mates are also going but no Dani) so it will be a nice treat. And it is only one night…but I think that I am going to call and book it for two.  So exciting!!!


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