I went out with my cousin tonight.  This alone is worthy of a blog post since I have not seen this cousin in what we guessed was 14 years but instead what I want to focus on is nachos.

My cousin was here on business and was staying at some hotel in the NE of Calgary.  He was tired of his hotel (obviously) so we decided to go out for something to eat.  He was craving nachos – so after driving around for about 10 minutes – we saw Chili’s naturally this should be choice for nachos.

We don’t even both to look at the menu, we order nachos.  The waitress thinks that is a great choice but wants to warn us that these are not normal nachos. GREAT!  They must be super duper awesome Chili’s tex-mex signature nachos!  She goes through all the regular things, do you want guacamole, chicken or beef etc etc.

Our nachos arrive.  They are certainly different.  It is 12 chips (yes exactly 12) spread around the outside of the plate.  Each has a spread on them. There is shredded lettuce in the middle of the plate and salsa in a dish on top of the lettuce.  My cousin and I just look at each other, at the nachos, again at each other. Really. This tex-mex fast food franchise restaurant is trying to make nachos pretentious. Really.

All I can think for most of the evening is that of all the places that I should be able to get sloppy, messy uninteresting nachos – Chili’s should have delivered.  I mean, shouldn’t this be a classic dish that you would eat there while drinking a Corona.  I just do not get it.

At any rate, it was a great visit with my cousin.  And each time that the conversation hit a lull at least we could complain and question the nachos


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