Jen decided that we should go for a fancy date. I even wore a little bit of make-up. Which is weird. But I felt like it.

So we went to my favorite Greek restaurant – The Broken Plate. I love this place for the food, the ambience, and the location. We always go to the Broken Plate in Kensington, which is my favorite little neighborhood (even though this means I am cheating on Bridgeland).

The food is always perfect. I had the beef souvlaki, and I almost couldn’t finish it. What I really love about Broken Plate are the vegetables. They are cooked perfectly, and are still crisp and I actually want to eat them before I eat the meat. The meal is rounded off with delicious greek style rice, and a healthy serving of tsatziki – the worlds best yogurt based condiment.

To top off the fantasticness of the evening there was full out Greek dancing and plate smashing. Every Friday and Saturday nights this is an added bonus that the restaurant offers for its patrons. Traditional dancing, smashing, and if you feel like it you can buy a shot of ouzo too. Well you could buy the shot of ouzo any time.

We just had wine though. It was a lovely night.


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