Year in review. I realize that this type of post is usually reserved for the end of December but it is something that I think about often and don’t want to lose sight of it.

This year has been an exceptional year when I think about it.  When I do think of it, it really seems remarkable in alot of ways.  Short list of accomplishments and noteworthy for 2010:

  • Engaged!  What a way to begin the year!
  • Guns N Roses concert in Calgary (yes that makes noteworthy)
  • Coachella in Palm Springs (too many bands to name and it is one of my favorite cities
  • Completed my first half marathon in Vancouver.  Dani completed her first race!  The bibs are still on the fridge for that.  Re-engaged!
  • Dani begins her practicum in Lethbridge.
  • Ran with a friend as he completed his first 10KM race in Calgary.
  • Got a Costco membership.
  • Trip to Ecuador!
  • Completed my first marathon in San Francisco!
  • Raised $4729.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Gave my tenants in Toronto notice in anticipation of selling the condo there in the new year.
  • Two profit share parties with WestJet.
  • Travelled to Vancouver, Toronto, Toronto, Winnipeg, Palm Springs, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Ecuador (multiple cities), Fort Lauderdale, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Toronto.
  • Will celebrate Christmas at home in Calgary.
  • Ready to call Calgary home for the next little while.
  • Multiple small blessings that surprised me through out the year.

2010 has not been a year without some bumps, and some losses very close to my heart. When I look at the list of things that are positive for 2010 I am so thankful.  I feel so fortunate over and over again.

2011 is already poised to be a very busy year.  Namely getting life in order now that we are staying Calgary for the foreseeable future.  This means selling the Toronto condo, potentially selling current residence, potentially buying new home.  Dani will finish her practicum (YAY!), write her registry exam (double YAY!)and move home (triple quadruple YAY!!!!!).  Wedding!!!! Honeymoon travel(fingers crossed)!!!!

I am so lucky.


One thought on “2010”

  1. All in all i’m thinking you have both had a great year. Of course the next one will be even better! I’m lucky to be getting another daughter, now Dani will finally have to learn to share. 😉 So nice that Dani is so happy too! Best wishes to both of you for a fantastic 2011..

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