A tale of two condos

It is now February. Wow. The year of the rabbit is off to a very fast start!

So far this year we have been very busy.  Mainly preparing the condo here in Calgary for sale.  This has included some minor renovations that now seem like major renovations.  This includes changing the kitchen backsplash, changing out all the light fixtures, frosting the doors of the spare room, moving out a ton of furniture, moving a ton of furniture, buying different furniture, painting and cleaning. Well, the cleaning isn’t done yet that is the next.

The condo in Toronto is also going up for sale.  All that is required there is meeting someone else to complete all the work.  That was easy.

All of this is both extremely exciting and unbelievably nerve wracking.  To anyone who knows me at all, you must know that not having every detail planned to the second is a bit unlike me.  Right now, I am putting alot of faith in the universe that everything will turn out as intended.  This has helped with the stress and only cause the excitement to grow.

The Calgary condo goes on the market in 5 days.  The Toronto condo goes on the market in 29 days.  I truly believe that it will all go so smoothly and then we can carry on with purchasing our dream home!  So EXCITING!!!!


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