Condo Selling Continued

Well, the Calgary condo has been on the market for 4 days now officially.  In that time, we have had over 5 showings and there are 4 booked for tomorrow.  All this should be very exciting and it is but at the same time it is frustrating.  It is really difficult to find places to be when it is -25 outside.

Also, as exciting as it is to have all this activity — it stresses me out immensely since we can not actually make an offer to purchase our dream home until the Toronto condo sells.  Currently, the Toronto condo is not even on the market.  We have at least two more weeks before that happens.  I *hope* that this fury of activity continues for the Toronto condo and results in a tremendously high bid.

That being said, we are moving ahead with looking at properties that will be our dream home.  I went out without Dani on Saturday to look at properties with the real estate agent.  Of the 7 properties we looked at, I would consider 3 possibilities with 2 being strong possibilities.  Two of them are new builds with everything that one could want and one was a 1960’s bungalow with a beautiful yard and deck.

Each time I walked through a home, you can’t help to wonder about the people that live there.  Even with all the personal artifacts removed, you can still create a story of their current life. And it does influence your decision.  A couple of the homes that were occupied it was evident that the current residents were leaving because their had welcomed a new addition to their family.  Seeing that they are currently cramped made me instantly decide that it wasn’t the house for us.  I want a house that we can grow into for many many years.

Oh the excitement, joy, trepidation, frustration, compromise. Home buying.


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