Ways to Procrastinate Writing a Research Paper

I am an expert procrastinator. I have been honing this skill since I have been old enough to have tasks I was supposed to complete.

I am sitting at WestJet working on this paper, because I have been kicked out of the house due to showings of the condo. I slept in and almost did not get out in time, my plan B would have been to just pull the covers over my head and pretend to not be there. Anyhow. Please see attached my list of professional procrastination.

  • Write a blog post
  • Text someone and offer them $5 to write the paper for you
  • Check Facebook
  • Buy a coffee
  • Email a friend
  • Email a book keeping client
  • Check bank balance
  • Maybe something new happened on Facebook. Thanks to my mom, something has.
  • Pee
  • Text someone else – since first person has not responded
  • Walk to garbage can – discard orange peel.
  • Email Jen.
  • Facebook.
  • Check MLS – you never know when a new house will go on the market. Or a new condo that is competition for ours.
  • Re-invest Kiva balance in a new loan.
  • Search for new podcast (Dan Savage, Stuff you Should Know, The Moth)
  • Facebook.

Follow these steps and you can successfully waste at least 30 minutes.


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