Mr Home Inspection

Today was new home inspection day.  I realize that getting a home inspection on a home that has never been lived in maybe a tad on the ridiculous side but whatever.  It makes me feel better in some form.

That being said, it was actually the most draining, annoying experience ever.  I was warned by our real estate agent that this guy was a bit of an odd ball with a weird sense of humor but assured he was the best because of his background in civil engineering.

First, this guy is at least double my age.  Really, I don’t care about this at all except for the fact that he keeps bringing it up!  I freely admit that I know nothing about homes, I have been a condo dweller for over 10 years so each thing that he tells me I respond with “Oh, okay” to indicate both that is interesting and thank you for the information.  Clearly, this is a age indicator to this gentleman as he says that is the most common phrase uttered by people under 35 or 30.

At least the house is in good shape and nothing surprising.  A few items that need to fixed by the builder.  Next step, walk through with the builder on Wednesday.

I can’t wait to MOVE!!!


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