Big Hugs All Around

People think that they know me. Probably at least once a day someone says to me that I look very familiar, or they think that they know me from somewhere. I was telling Jen about this and I think she maybe didn’t really understand the magnitude of the situation. I had already committed to beginning to document all of the incidences on this blog when the following incident occurred.

On Sunday we were browsing for furniture in the most expensive furniture store ever that we would never actually buy anything from – because we aren’t millionaires. Anyway, this huge brown dude sees me, breaks into a huge smile and starts walking towards me. He then proceeds to give me a GIANT hug, which I take part in because I know this will make my point to Jen. He then backs up and looks totally disoriented – because he doesn’t remember where he knows me from. I however recognize him – as the dude who worked at the coffee shop I frequented at SAIT. So I introduce myself, as a coffee shop patron. And he is totally embarrassed. I am not embarrassed because this is not that unusual for me. Because this kind of shit happens all the time.

In the past week 3 different people at the hospital have approached me and asked if they know me. Which they didn’t.


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