Well. We have been married! Exciting!

We had two good friends visit from Toronto. They were excited to check out a restaurant, Charcut. The chef, Connie DeSousa, was a recent contender on Top Chef Canada. Well, she was in the kitchen that night and our friends almost peed their pants with excitement. Photo to be uploaded. She visited all of the tables, and ended up sending over a plate of cookies, with “Congratulations” piped onto the plate in chocolate. How cute.  Dinner was amazing.

We also had dinner with our parents at Notable restaurant the night before the wedding. Good food as always.

The wedding day was amazing. The weather was perfect – the hottest day we have had all summer. The ceremony was so quick, I couldn’t believe how fast it went. The brunch was amazing. After the meal, most of the guests came over to our house for a day long celebration, which included meats, cheeses, and tasty desserts.  The day ended when at 1 AM we drove Jen’s cousins back to their hotel.

Now. Life is back to normal. Working and planning our European holiday!


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