Bad luck

We have had a week of bad luck. I started the streak on Wednesday by locking my keys in the car. I was so looking forward to my entire day off with hardly anything to do… Until at 9.30 am the keys were locked in the car, at our friends house, leaving me without car keys or house keys. Luckily I had a friend who was able to pick me up and take me out for coffee until another friend was able to come be my chauffeur for the day. I needed a ride to westjet and then to the house and then back to Mission to collect the car. I finally got home at 4ish. Goodbye day off.
On Friday I was on my way home from visiting my friends brand new awesomely teeny baby when I noticed the car was driving a little funny. I pulled over and had a look. Sadly my suspicions were correct. I was looking at a flattened tire with something metal poking out of it. Sigh. For the second time this week I was seriously cursing my lack of roadside assistance. I basically drove on the rim to the nearest Canadian tire. 3 hours later I was on my way home. Later that night after our workout at the gym I couldn’t help but notice all of my things ( flip flops and keys basically) were no longer in the locker I left them in. At least I assumed they weren’t there because the lock now had a lock on it. I was seriously at the end of my rope. Seriously? Now we were stuck at the gym with no car keys, no house keys, and neither of us had our phones either. I had the trainer cut the lock off of the locker. Nope, definitely not my stuff. Eventually the trainer found my stuff under the counter at the front of the gym. Some idiot turned it in. I must have been confused, since I was under the impression that the locket was meant to store things, which was what I was doing. And there were tons of other lockers. And seriously!! Where could I possible have gone without my shoes or keys!! What an idiot.

We assumed at this point the bad luck was over, because it usually comes in threes. Right? Everyone knows that.

Not so. And this is the worst one. Jen and Peter were driving back from the Canmore half marathon when they were sideswiped by a freightliner that wandered into their lane. They are lucky to be alive. Jen fully credits the stability control in our Toyota Prius with saving their lives. Thank you Prius! We love you! Warren and I were traveling about 30 minutes behind them and were able to stop and pick them up. But not before I totally lost my cool, threatened to kick the other driver in the head and the RCMP had to tell me to stay in the car.

Thank god Jen is ok. We are still waiting to hear about the Prius.



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