Off to a good start.


Here I sit 6 hours into our flight to Amsterdam. As per usual Jen wanted to fly standby. As per usual I was having an internal (sometimes external) meltdown about it, until literally the last second. Like until I was seated on the plane.

Anyway, we arrived at the airport at 10.30 AM. The KLM counter opens at 11.30 AM – of course. So we wait in the line up. Come back at 2, they say – the flight is full. Omg omg omg. Internal panic increases. Due to our other backup option being no longer an option this 3.20 pm flight is our only option. I start madly checking the kayak app on my phone. For $6,000 I can buy myself a seat! Fantastic! There are some other options, one includes a layover in Poland. Great, I am thinking, I have never been to Poland!

We pass the time by having a substandard meal at Montanas. At 2 we return to the counter. Come back in 5 minutes. In 5 excruciating minutes we return. At 2.30 (international flight leaving in 50 minutes – internal panic at maximum) we are told we will have seats. In business class. Aka airplane heaven.
What’s nice about all of this waiting up front is that we now actually just walk onto the plane upon arriving to the gate. Internal panic – zero. Internal frustration at Jen being right even though we will be flying in airplane heaven – maximum.

KLM world elite business class is like something out of a dream. Upon being seated on the plane someone offers to take and hang my jacket. Shortly after (like plane is on the ground still) we are offered a welcome beverage in a champagne flute. Then they hand out the comfort bags with the eye masks, lotion, lip balm etc. The flight departs.

Once in the air I am offered an alcoholic beverage every 10 minutes. I am handed a menu from which to
select dinner. I get to pre-order my breakfast. I am offered a drink again.

Then there are the seats. It goes without saying that they are gigantic, but additionally they also are completely electronically controlled for a variety of reclining and leg extension options. And have a built in massage system. It is amazing.

After eating dinner, watching a movie on my personal entertainment system with my complimentary noise reducing
headphones, and having numerous
beverages of many kinds I am offered a bottle of mineral water before the lights go out. I sleep uninterrupted for several hours with my real pillow and amazing blanket – nearly fully horizontal in this fucking amazing chair.

Upon waking I venture to the bathroom for the first time. Complete with a full line of spa toiletries. I am able to wash and moisturize my face.

Now all that’s left is to wait for breakfast!

Good work Jen – this trip is off to a fantastic start.

Addendum: was just served a fruit smoothy prior to breakfast. Amazing!!


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