Jen’s Account of the first few days

Dani missed a few things that are noteworthy of the first couple of days. In no particular order they include:

  • man at Centraal station playing a guitar busking. And by busking, I mean not actually singing or playing but rather holding a guitar with 2 strings standing in front of his case that contained about 2 euros.
  • walking around Centraal station for about 1 hour to finally find the tram to take. Which we paid €5.60 for to take us approximately 750 meters. Wow.
  • bikes galore. It has now turned into a game to see how many people including children are being transported on a single bike. The highest count to date is 4. Three children in a cart type thing in front while the mom pedals. I made a joke about how this is very different from home where as soon as you are old enough to sit on a bike you have one of your own either attached to your parent’s (still requiring kid to pedal) or completely on your own. No free rides!
  • American filet. We have no clue what this is. It is sold in grocery stores and as a sandwich. As far as I can tell, it is expensive ketchup.
  • hagelslag. This is now present in our room for consumption.
  • delicious sandwiches on warm French rolls from a lovely French bakery. I had a delightful basil, tomato and buffalo mozzarella. Dani had a roast beef and provolone(custom made and designed…like a true sandwich artist)
  • McDonalds sells pie in slices. Not cartons. There is also a chicken sate sandwich that I want to try but am unwilling to break my McDonalds strike of 12 years for.
  • I ran my fastest 6km yet, 33:34. Dani’s response, run faster.
  • twin beds pushes together. Not a double.
  • Dani has not been asked for ID once yet. I am assuming this is because the legal drinking age is 16 and she looks at least 17.

I will expand more tomorrow!


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