Day trip to Den Bosch

Jen has been raving about giant cream puffs covered in chocolate since I met her. As such a trip to Den Bosch (home of the famous Bosche boll) has always been on the agenda as part of our trip. It’s just a short train ride out of Amsterdam and the whole day should have gone smoothly. And it did, except for a minor incident in the morning. An incident I like to call – “the beer and contact lens incident.”

Jen’s contact lenses are very important to her. So important that I was kind of shocked to find out that she had only brought one pair. She can’t run without them, so it seems kind of risky to travel to another country for a marathon without a back up – almost like bringing two left shoes. Anyway. Long story short. I am dumping some leftover beer into the sink as jen puts in her contacts. A tsunami of beer cascades over the contact lens case and washes it’s contents down the drain. I laugh and say – good thing your contacts aren’t in there. Jen turns white. Jen would have slammed the bathroom door if it was the slamming type of door. There was a lot of swearing. In fact, I have never heard Jen so angry. In the other room I was madly googling opticians in the area.

Eventually Jen found her missing contact in her eye.

Anyway. After we sorted that out we walked to the train station and boarded a train to Den Bosch. Den Bosch is small city not far from Amsterdam with a beautiful old church, a healthy market, several restaurants, more shoe stores than I have ever seen, and giant cream puffs.




We did lots of eating (pancakes and worstenbroodjes) and lots of shopping. We toured the amazingly beautiful old church – thus meeting my one church/museum per day criterion. The whole town is beautiful and cobbled.

And sadly smells of fish thanks to the market.


Here are some photos of beautiful Den Bosch.




It rained the whole day but that didn’t ruin our fun! Mostly we were just proud of ourselves for figuring out the train and then getting off at the right stop.


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