Sunny Thursday in Amsterdam

Finally the sun has come out! Unfortunately we accidentally slept in past 10.30. I fully blame this on some residual jet lag and multiple highly powered coffees each day keeping me up past 1am every night.

The only plan we had really fixed for the day was some pre-purchased tickets we had procured for the Anne Frank Huis for a 5.45 pm entrance. We decided to work some shopping and the Jordaan district into the day’s plans.

Stop 1: Lindbergh Tours to purchase some tickets for Saturday for a trip out of Amsterdam to see some windmills and a cheese farm. Unfortunately I didn’t check up on the company until later – it doesn’t have a stellar rating on Trip Adviser. Will report back.

Stop 2: Gays and Gadgets
A little gay gift shop combined with Amsterdams local gay tourist info. Bought best Amsterdam souvenir of life.


We then walked up to the Jordaan shopping district to peruse some shops. We got lucky in a shop owned by the cutest Dutch couple I have ever seen. Actually it is two shops about 2 blocks apart from each other. We visited the first one, manned by the husband, and decided to buy a necklace. His wife was manning the other half of the shop (the half with the visa machine) so he walked us down the street, leaving his shop entirely unmanned. His wife was so lovely and talkative and by the time we left we had also bought a dress and a pair of children’s socks. I can’t recommend the Unicorn Boutique enough.

Shortly after this we had apple pie.


And I took this photo. That I really like.


Finally, it was time to visit the Ann Frank Huis.


I loved it. I have never been to a more amazing museum. The area where they lived is devoid of furniture, but the postcards and posters that Anne pasted to the walls are still there. Most amazing and real exhibit ever.

We ended our day at a small Indonesian Restaurant with about 15 seats. The Satay was good and reasonably priced. We ran into a small hitch when it was time to pay. They didn’t take our flavor of credit card and we were out of cash. I headed out into the night to locate some money, leaving Jen behind as collateral. I hurried as much as I could because I knew Jen would be worrying about me out in
the dark in an Amsterdam alley. Little did I know that Jen’s real worry in life was being annoyed by some other patrons who kept joking that they didn’t know what job Jen would be able to do to pay off the debt. They apparently repeated the joke a few times. Jen did not find this joke funny.

Epilogue: I found a bank machine and returned to collect Jen.


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