Race day fast approaching

Today was the first day to go to the Amsterdam Marathon expo. We decided to go first thing to avoid crowds and hopefully be back in time to do a world war ii tour. Naturally, our Canadian brains thought an hour should be about the correct amount of time to go somewhere not even on our map….wrong! It took 25 minutes! It is insane how we are conditioned for distance.

There are over 12,000 people running in the marathon. About the same amount running in the half. It is going to be a huge race. I am excited and intensely nervous.

We first arrived at the Olympic stadium. This is where I will finish the marathon complete with victory lap through the stadium. No joking.

We picked up my chip and t-shirt voucher and wondered around the expo. In terms of expos, this one actually doesn’t rank very high. I think that this might have something to do with arriving so early on the first day. We also collected a few brochures for other runs and a long sleeve branded shirt. We also tried to change my corral without success. Currently, I am in corral f with a predicted finish of 5 hours. I wanted to be two corrals up with a predicted finish of 4-4.5 hours. Oh well, I will have to weasel my way into the corral of my choosing on race day.


We rode the tram back to the hotel to drop off the loot and continued on our day sight seeing many things from world war ii.

P.S. Today we saw 5 people being transported by a single bicycle. A mother and four children ranging in age by my guess, 2-7 years.


One thought on “Race day fast approaching”

  1. How exciting! I wish i was there to cheer you on, not that you’ll need it! I know Danno will do a great job of “run Jen run”!.. Way too much fun!

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