Prague Castle

The arrival at Alchymist Prague Castle Suites deserves its own post.  This was the part of our vacation that we were both most excited for because it seemed completely gluttonous and completely not us.

The castle itself is beautiful.  We were greeted at the door by a lovely gentleman who promptly seated us at a lovely desk to check us in.  On the same floor as the check in area was the library.  We arrived quite late so we didn’t have an opportunity to really see that.  We walked up to our suite.  It is GORGEOUS!

The bed has a heart of rose petals since we have the ‘romance package’  There is a lovely terrace just off the bedroom area as well. The headboard on the bed is the most amazing thing that I have ever seen! Not captured here but it lights up as well.

The room also has the greatest number of chandeliers (6) and mirrors (nearly every wall) that I have ever seen.   The closet has automatic lighting that turns on once the door has been opened.  Another feature that Dani enjoyed about the closets is that there is an inability to slam the drawers or doors shut.  Instead, the drawers steady themselves and close gently.

The bathroom is amazing especially after our sub par experience with the shower in the Amsterdam hotel. Yes, those are more rose petals.  There is also a stand alone shower in the bathroom. And much to Dani’s approval, the bathroom products are all L’Occitane first discovered by Dani when we were in Vancouver for the marathon earlier that year.  It should be noted that these products are made in France.

Our host leaves to go and collect our luggage for us and returns with two glasses of champagne.  He wishes us a pleasant evening.

Immediately, Dani heads to the bath with her newly acquired Sabon body scrub.  Evening one of the castle equals success.


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