Prague Travel Day

I have failed to post anything because it is hard to write on my phone. I will post briefly my impressions of Prague travel day before they move into memories.

Amsterdam airport. East to get to. We arrive very early for our flight. Airport visit includes seeing armed gunmen assisting on a flight headed to the Middle East, a glass of wine while waiting, no heineken to be found and a mouse.

The trip on from Amsterdam to Prague on easyJet. I had heard that flying with this airline was the same as flying on the bus. No assigned seating and herded in like cattle. This statement is entirely correct. No seat assignment, you pay extra for that so that you can “sit with loved ones”. I am too cheap for this option – and am use to having no option for where I sit from years of riding standby. Our tickets are scanned to board and all passengers are herded in a large holding area. People’s natural instinct is to line up at the door…yes, the single door, so we fall in line. EasyJet CSA announces to fill the room, move alongside the doors and walls. Some people seem confused, me being one if them since as I see it there is still only one door and we can only move through one person at a time…I don’t really see the point of this but that is the way it works, like rush seating at a concert.

Dani and I sit together! Great! Like a dream! They immediately start their service to sell as many products to you as possible. Food, drinks, perfume, watches, pillows, blankets, children’s toys all available. We are starving so we order a ham and cheese sandwich(that will be toasted) some water and a cup of soup. With that we also get a FREE Twix. Since Dani loves a good bargain, she is thrilled. As we begin out descent, our sandwich arrives. It is a strange sandwich to me….it has a cheese mustard mixture on top. It is quite literally the most disgusting thing I have ever seen…and at that point in time the most delicious.

We land! We are in the Czech Republic ready to begin our castle adventure! Peter is awaiting us outside to drive us to our hotel. Thank goodness!


One thought on “Prague Travel Day”

  1. I’m sure we can out do you on the “ham and cheese” sandwich.. Ever been to the Varadero airport? a perfect example of what Cuba thinks is the norm… You guys can write a book on your airport and flight stories i’m sure. Enjoy Austria. ❤

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