Christmas is here!

Christmas Tree that Dani surprised me with

Christmas is here!!  After weeks of travelling to visiting it is now time to begin cooking solid for three days!  YAY!

Today I am going for a long run around the resevoir since it is a beautiful and lovely +6 degrees outside.  Later today we are going to a friend’s house for some holiday cheer.  My contribution to the meal is dessert, Banoffee Pie.  I have made this dessert a few times and it ALWAYS wins because really what isn’t delicious with that much whipped cream, sugar and more sugar.

Tomorrow Dani is working so I am going to BBQ a turkey to take to the staff at the hospital.  I am nervous about BBQing the turkey because I have never done that. Cooking a turkey is usually intimidating enough but my dad’s turkey always turns out perfect so I am going to try.

Boxing day is when Dani and I will exchange gifts and I am making a special meal.  That day I am making Coq Au Vin and Angelfood cake.  Clearly, reading the recipe for Coq Au Vin from Julia Child it is impossible to make this taste bad.  I think Julia Child has it right, a bottle of win, some cognac, butter and bacon makes up the “sauce” for the chicken.  Really with that, cardboard would taste delicious. (Photos to follow)


One thought on “Christmas is here!”

  1. I wish we could be there to share in your festivities, not to mention the beautiful meal. 😦 I’m sure your “hospital” turkey will be equally delicious. You’re a good wife and i’m sure all the staff will enjoy the effort you put into their Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to my girls. I love you both. ❤

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