We’re Married!!

We have had the greatest start to our vacation. Saturday was spent running around for errands. Sunday got up early to catch our flight to Toronto. Aside from the life fearing cab ride(can honking horn while passing a semi at 90km in speed limit zone of 70) we arrived and headed to the spa. After an hour in the calming waters and a massage, we headed to dinner with my cousin. After a lovely visit, home to the Sheraton for a pleasant night sleep.

This morning room service at 50% discount (thanks WestJet rate) and head down to the airport without even having to go out in the rain!

Poor Dani, the biggest chuckle of the day came at checkin. The CSA simply making some small talk and says “what are two single girls going to do in Key West?” Dani’s response “we’re married!!!” I think the CSA is still confused and backtracks a bit while I am laughing hysterically (making the CSA feel at ease). As he is assigning us our seats, realizes that we are married to each other and now understands why I am laughing and joins in.

Dani is so adorable being so embarrassed. Don’t worry – we’re marrried 😉


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