We are Hippies.

I want to be a hippy. I have kind of always wanted to be a hippy. However I do enjoy having shaved legs and clean hair, which somehow exempts me from the entire hippy experience.

So I have decided to be a half-assed hippy. A hippy when it suits me. Nominally if you will.

Step one. I made my own laundry soap. The recipe lives here. Hugely successful.

Step two. CSA. We purchased a share in a farm for the upcoming season. Sundance Fields here we come!

Step three. Build a Bear – Thrift Store Style. Another post to come about this for sure.

Also – everyone knows we drive a Prius.  Wholly hippy.

And today I forgot to shave one of my legs. I am sure that was my subconscious hippy trying to break free.


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