More adventures of hippiedom

I have started using tea tree oil as a disinfectant in laundry instead of bleach.

I purchased this particular tea tree oil at Bowness Natural Foods. It is one of the nearby natural foods stores, and it has AWESOME prices. There is a trade off for that. The staff is sometimes not that helpful.

Dani – “I am looking for tea tree oil. I want to use it for cleaning.”

Employee/Owner proceeds to show me the selection of tea tree oils, seemingly avoiding the cheapest one on the shelf.

Then in an effort to sell me something I didn’t want at all, directs me to the section of Dr. Bronners Castile soap. The product is good, and I have been meaning to buy some – but I clearly stated I wanted tea tree oil. Apparently the fact that soap is scented with tea tree oil should be good enough?

So I wait until she leaves and return to the tea tree oil section and pick up the cheap one. It’s to go in my laundry for gods sake.

I also pick up some essential oil to scent my vinegar that I am now using for fabric softener.

While paying, she suggests mint as an additional cleaning ingredient, along with the helpful suggestion that it will keep the mice away.


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