Trying new things

Today we went to the climbing gym.  I have not climbed since I left Toronto, 4 years ago!  This required us to redo the belay class.

So anyone that knows me — knows that I love a challenge and don’t take to failure lightly. We are doing the class and things seem fine. I am totally psyched!  I can do this!  I will rock this!  I can add rock climbing to list of amazing things that I do!  Bring it!

Things are fine until I actually have to climb the wall.  First practice climb limited to 3 meters.  No problem. Climb complete.  Second climb the instructor allows us to climb as high as we like.  I climb up again…3 meters.

Okay, so something is wrong.  This is not like me.  I blame nervousness of taking a class with strangers.  Dani convinces me that we should definitely sign up for a month pass. I agree – how am I be a climber if I don’t go to the climbing gym!

Fast forward to a week later when Dani asks me to go climbing.  I agree.  Start telling people that I am climbing on the weekend – look at that – I just became a climber.

Fast forward to day of climb.  Getting ready to go.  I panic.  And I start thinking about how I can’t do this – what if I hurt someone!  What if i don’t pull the rope properly!  What if I get distracted!  Worse yet – what if I fall! This results in tears – and me saying that I can’t do this.

Dani is a trooper though and goes climbing and is able to scale the wall twice!  Amazing!

I still have 2 weeks in my month pass to make a climber of myself yet!


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