Back Country “Camping”

Jen and I joined a few of my co-workers on a 3 day hiking/camping/hutting extravaganza.

First we endured a 10 km hike on snow shoes in. I am not fit. I spend a lot of time on the couch. A 10 km hike under any circumstances would be taxing. On snow shoes and with a giant pack (50-60 lbs) it was nearly impossible. I nearly died. Everyone else was miles ahead and had to wait long periods of time for me to catch up. This resulted in a never ending cycle of me trudging along to catch up, by the time I catch up everyone has had a LONG rest. I get no rest. We take off again. I am slower than everyone. Repeat. Again and again. For 4 hours. 

All of this was entirely worth it. When we arrived the cabin was AMAZING. There was one minor bump when we realized we would be sharing the accommodation with a family with a little girl named Solomia, her overly friendly father and her uber bitchy mom. No worries, we claimed our spaces up in the loft and worked out a routine for sharing kitchen space. The wood stove was phenomenal. I could have sat in front of it the entire weekend. But – don’t worry, I didn’t. Jen spent a lot of time in my favourite chair reading!! Jen has never relaxed so much in the 4 years I have known her!


I filled my time by limping around, and drinking from our 3 L box of wine. I even joined in a bit of garbage bag sledding.


The snow started on our second day and didn’t stop until we left. Between 1 and 2 feet – on our nicely packed trail. It made the trip to the outhouse so awesome.


My legs had hardly recovered from the hike in when it was time to hike out. We shaved an hour off of our time! One hour in I could feel the skin on my heels start to slough off. Oucha. I have never been so happy to see the prius! 


Thank god one of my buddies took some great photos, because I forgot to put the SD card in our camera. Oops!




Would I do it again? Only with some new snow shoes. And I might leave the wine behind. Waaay too heavy. 


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