Hippiedom continues

On our little holiday in the mountains, I finished reading Wheat Belly.  We also recently finished a cleanse that eliminated wheat and I must admit that I noticed a marked improvement in my mood.  After reading this book, decided to try to eliminate wheat products even further – just to see.

Well, it is Day 1.  And already this feels ridiculously labour intensive.  I LOVE cooking and baking so coming from me this seems odd to say. It is seriously one of the most relaxing things for me.  I know that this is only day one so I shouldn’t get discouraged but when grinding almonds to make your own flour it can feel ridiculous.

I think the other thing that is discouraging me already is that when spending this much time preparing food you want it to be perfect.  As is with this diet, the food is all crumbly.  At least the bread substitutes.  Today, I made Apple Walnut bread, gingersnap cookies and turkey and avocado wraps for lunch tomorrow (please note the wraps as well were made from scratch)

A lot of what was in the book rang true for me so I am willing to give this a try for one month to see how it goes.  Will keep updating on progress…the factors that I am going to measure are

  • energy levels
  • weight loss
  • sleep patterns ( I am a terrible sleeper that usually can not sleep for more than 3 hours at a time)
  • skin breakouts
  • mood

And here we go…..month long challenge!


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