Week One Complete

First week of the no wheat challenge is complete.  I did cheat once last night when we went to Wiener Schnitzel Haus for dinner last night with some friends but it was worth it — I needed the pleasant reminder of Austria.

Anyhow, one week in I feel great.  I have a noticeable amount more of energy which could be because I am sleeping better as well.  My skin is also looking much better – still not perfect but a marked improvement and not painful (yes my skin usually hurts, it is the worst) and in one week have dropped 5 pounds. I am now only 6 pounds away from my lean marathon weight.  The only thing that hasn’t really changed is my mood.  It has been an enormously stressful week (again) so that doesn’t really help.  I am trying to convince Dani that we need to start meditating.

So of all the meals that I made this week and snacks as well – the only thing that was a bust was the Apple Walnut “bread” but I think that was my fault because I didn’t cook it long enough.  Oh well!  Let’s see what this week brings!


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