Training has unofficially begun!

The Victoria Marathon is October 7.  The running program that I have selected doesn’t ‘officially’ begin until June 17 but I want to make sure that I am tip-top shape to meet my time goal for the marathon sub 4 hours.

This week was a good week.  Started Sunday with a 15KM run around the Glenmore Reservoir with Joelle with a finishing time of 1:34 which was much better compared to the previous week.  Tuesday I was able to get in a quick 5KM before heading to acupuncture and before all the rain.  Wednesday – trail running some hills with my friend Axel.  It was gorgeous but a bit more difficult compared to what I am use to and it was also raining.  I sure did feel hard core though! Thursday off due to date night!  Friday off.  Saturday a hilly 10KM through flooded pathway.  Today – since it is raining and extremely windy – 15KM on the treadmill.  Not my favourite but was able to finish in 1:30.

This early and no vacation plans to interrupt – all and all starting out feeling confident about finishing sub 4. Now to keep it up for the next 4 months!


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