When will summer come….

It is June in Calgary and although that is usually when we get some rain it is starting to get ridiculous.  In fact, yesterday there was snow in Canmore.  Even more ridiculous is that there is flooding in Calgary right now.  Not a lot, but on my extremely hilly 10KM run yesterday at 8KM into my loop the pathway was flooded – turning back – not really an option.  SUMMER PLEASE COME!

We went to start picking out bathroom fixtures for the basement.  It is exciting and stressful.  Mostly because I want to try to stay within budget and frankly have no idea how much stuff costs.  So far, we have the bar sink, bar faucet, bathroom shower fixtures, bathroom sink and bathroom faucets.  Today we are going to try to select the flooring.  An attempt at trying to select flooring on Friday failed.  It went something like this:

Dani and I waiting impatiently (well Dani more impatient than me) for sales person Vincent to stop nattering on to another lady.

<Precondition – Dani and I are pretty much set on cork flooring.  We wait by the cork flooring>

Vince: Hi Girls.  Sorry you had to wait.

Dani: That is okay.  We are doing our basement and we considering cork flooring.

Vince: I think carpet is better for a basement. It is warmer.

Dani: The basement floor has radiant heating.  Warmth is not a problem.

Jen: I have actually read that a hard surface is better because it can disperse the heat better.

Vince: No carpet is best. Cork is very expensive.  Then goes on to describe how his roof is leaking on his carpet and how it going to have to be replaced. Then some story about his wife.  Then some story about how thank goodness carpet is cheap cause the roof isn’t.  Then some other rambling that I can’t remember.

Jen: Okay – well that is unfortunate, since it is going to rain all week.  Anyhow, I think that we better go.

Vince walks us to the door.  Notices our ‘fancy’ car, comments.  Yes, that is right dude….we can afford cork floor 🙂



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