Playing Catch-up

I got a job at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Jen and I are finishing our basement. The cats toenails are overgrown.

Basically since I started my orientation at the children’s hospital I’ve been working full time. How in the hell do people work full time. I prefer the one or two day work week. Things have been slipping in the meantime. Like the cat’s toenails for example. Now when pancakes is keeping me company after a night shift her little needly nails poke me. Seriously – hard life.

Things like working are getting the way of our making a garden and a little pathway from our house to our garage. And picking out new floor for the basement. And planning important holidays.

The Children’s hospital is awesome. The people are great and the kids are cute. Everyone assumes it would be overwhelmingly sad – and sometimes it is. But usually it is kids getting better and being adorable. Also I live down the hill, so after a night shift all I have to do is illegally jaywalk (jayrun?) across Shaganappi Trail and stumble down an exceedingly steep hill. It’s a little safer than a 20 minute commute down 16th avenue after forcing myself to be awake all night and providing life saving care. If I were to suddenly lose consciousness Jen would only have to walk up the block and find me safely sleeping under a tree in a park.

So. a few more weeks of this full time orientation. Then summer! 🙂



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