Psychic Experience!

After listening to two of my friends rave about this psychic, I thought what have I got to lose.  My rational logical brain has been debating a lot of things lately and still having difficulty coming up with a conclusion so what the hell – leave it up to a stranger.

I am trying to decide what type of ‘aura’ I give off – since immediately – the ‘intuitive counsellor’ (what she prefers to be called) had me pegged.  She stated that I spend a lot of time in my head, analyze things and love research.  She stated I am a life long learner and like challenge. Immediately, I am trying to decide what online resources she has read about me to get all this BEFORE the reading actually starts.  Based on this really – you can’t learn a lot about me on the internet.  Other than I work at WestJet and am an analyst.

She gives me a paper and pen and encourages me to take notes.  I am going to share those here so that I have a reference fresh in my mind of all the things that she said.

Academics – she repeats this several times.  She says that I only have a diploma not a degree.  I will get a degree in my lifetime.  She said it seems odd since it seems like a continuation so maybe it is just a certification – she can’t be sure.  **Personal Note – I have used my diploma as credit for a university degree that I have yet to finish**

Career – she says that she knows this is the primary reason that I am here **Personal note – yes this is one of two questions** she says that I will be switching jobs near immediately.  She suggests that I will be moving more into a role that involves analyzing data.  She says it will likely be with an Oil and Gas company (sorry psychic but that is at least a 50% chance of getting right).  She says that I will move up quickly and eventually have a title that is similar to Director.  She says that it is the type of role that is difficult to get because once someone typically gets that role they are a “lifer”.  This excites me greatly. **Personal Note – I need this reading to hurry up and finish because I have an interview at an Oil and Gas company at 2**

Finances – she says that my partner and I will always be comfortable financially, that money will never be a concern for us.  **Personal Note – this is a relief and I can stop feeling guilty about the sauna I want to put in the basement**

Relationship – so as a sceptic this was my true test.  She says that I will have two loves in my life.  That I am currently with the love that I will have for the rest of my life. **Personal Note – YIPPEE!!! I KNEW IT** and that there was a significant relationship in the past.  She says, with some hesitation, you and your partner have a lot of fun with each other and there is a lot of singing and dancing in your house **Personal Note – I am pretty sure that Dani and I live our life as though it is a musical** She says that we will get married/are married. She also says that my partner will change careers **Personal Note – Dani has changed careers so not sure if this statement is past or future** So the sceptic in me corrects her on pronoun.  She waves it off like nothing but there is my scepticism.

Family – she says that this is something that I have struggled with in the past, whether to have a family or not.  She says that it is part of my life path for sure.  She says I will give birth to one child, a girl and that Dani and I will adopt another child, a 2-3 year old boy.  She says that our family will be complete by 2015.  She tells me that I will be pregnant in the new year and that there are many people that will be very excited about it.

Travel – she says that I definitely travel.  That I travel to unique places.  That it fits with my researching type personality to travel to destinations that challenge me.  She says that I will have to travel to the US for work with the new position that I take.

Overall, she says that I have nothing to worry about in this life.  That everything challenging and difficult is behind me and that my future is filled with happiness and prosperity.  She says that this is unusual – that typically people have turmoil to deal with and that she is pleased to give such a positive reading.  She says that the only thing that I came to find out was about timing.  She is correct.  She says the time for career change is now and that everything else will fall into place.

So now what!  I have second interview with Oil and Gas company next week and potential interview with a consulting firm that I am really excited about.  GAK!

She says that if I have an additional questions that I can email her and she will do her best to respond.  So I guess I will wait and see and try to come up with some specific questions.



One thought on “Psychic Experience!”

  1. HI!! I didn’t know you guys had a blog!! I just had coffee with D and he told me…so I thought I’d check it out!! soooooooooooooooo…here I am , and I checked it out!
    I am so curious about this Tara person…perhaps I will see her if I ever come across $150 in the near future(like if I get back to work ever!!)


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