And it begins

2013 has arrived!  I am so excited for change that I can hardly contain myself.  I really truly feel that this year is going to be the year that everything changes.

I was reading a blog post the other day about resolutions.  It talked about some habits to try to incorporate.  These are some of the ones that I have decided that I am going to try to incorporate.

  • Intentionally laugh everyday – this should be easy.  And because it is so easy I wanted to add it to my list!  Honestly though, laughter is a great stress reliever and brings joy – so why not.
  • Practice solitude – find time alone on a regular basis.  No books, no music, no technology.  There is an open mediation class here in Calgary that I am going to try.  Mostly out of curiosity.
  • Make gratitude a discipline – thank someone or something everyday. I think that when you are trying to frame your mind to look out for something to be grateful for – your mood and outlook automatically changes.
  • Eat more vegetables – serious. Dani and I eat pretty healthy but I want to really try to start snacking on vegetables instead of yogurt.
  • Date Night – once a month I have made Dani commit to a date night.  It is going to be rotating who decides what the date is each month.  I think this will also be a good way for us to get out of the house and find some new things in Calgary.  First date night, Calgary Science Centre Adult Only night.  YAY!

I did not too bad on the things that I said that I would do last year.  I completed another marathon.  I actually ran less kilometers in 2012 then I did in 2011.  It shocks me.  I think I completed at least 20 books last year which is up significantly from 2011.  A trend that I am continuing eagerly this year (already 2 books completed in 2013!)

2013 – will be a year of change, accomplishments, happiness and memories!


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