Vacation begins!

I haven’t written here in a long time….but in my frustration of how my vacation started…I thought best to write it all out to then forget and start new as soon as my travel companion arrives.

First, I must say that I had a lovely morning with my wife. I met her for breakfast after her night shift since she won’t be holidaying with me. Got to the airport in plenty of time. Anxiously awaiting my flight to Toronto.

Flight was mostly uneventful. Only complaint being the gentleman in the aisle seat making a mess of the free middle seat. It made me think about how I can be a bit of a clean freak since the entire flight I just wanted to pick up after him.

Arrive in Toronto! Since the Sheraton that I normally stay at is full, I have booked the other Sheraton by the airport.

The hotel informed me about the shuttle so I patiently waited at poll c22 for my shuttle. Low and behold, Four Points Sheraton shuttle arrives.

I line up with the others to get on the shuttle.  The driver just by looking at me decides that this isn’t my shuttle and informs me that this is a Four Points shuttle not mine. This immediately makes me irritated. I say that I do in fact have a reservation. Another passenger (airline crew) says that he doesn’t think this is my hotel and I should double check since there are 4 in the area. I try to pull up my reservation on my phone. Fail. It doesn’t load. Shuttle drives away. (You know Toronto…everyone in a rush)

A second shuttle for Sheraton Gateway pulls up. Surely this must be for me! I hop on relieved.

I arrive at the hotel. I speak to the desk person to check in. Guess what…no reservation! I am at the wrong hotel!

The shuttle to leave the hotel back to the airport doesn’t leave for another 30 minutes.  The desk clerk suggests a cab. I am immediately thankful my wife gave me some incidental cash (since I never carry cash and for some reason Toronto cabs don’t seem to take debit like they do at home)

I get in the cab. Tell the driver that I am going to four points Sheraton…not the one attached to the airport the other one. I don’t think he is listening since he is too busy talking on his Bluetooth phone (again something that really irritates me)

We drive. I watch the meter go up and up. I see the exit for the road that  I think we have to take. We don’t take it. I ask “are we going to the Sheraton?” Driver who is still on phone replies yes.

We pull up to the terminal 3 sheraton. I say this is not my hotel. He says that it is. I say no I am at the hotel on airport road. Oooh he says. Airport road. Not airport. Okay.

We now get to my hotel finally. $21 cab ride. $20 is fine he says. Gee thanks.

At least I now know the situation so I can go collect Lynn from the airport in ease!

Tomorrow…..bodyholiday St Lucia! I am sure it will melt away this experience entirely!


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