St Lucia Highlights

We began our long travel day home today.  Before the vacation becomes a fleeting memory I thought I should jot down some highlights.

First, the biggest highlight for me was being able to spend a week with my best friend without any distractions. We managed to run out of things to talk about…just as we were boarding the plane.  One word for this – grateful for lovely Lynn


The resort exceeded any and all expectations.  Lynn and I had a running joke about writing a review that put all the disappointing aspects including
No gold plating on the handles
Incorrect placement of light in the 6 head shower
Turndown service tea and cookie had a tea flavor that was repeated
There wasn’t a golf cart to take us to our daily spa treatment

All joking aside, the room was amazing. It included dual sinks and a make up table which is perfect for two ladies sharing a room. There was welcome cava for our arrival. Daily turndown service included tea and cookies, a full sweeping of the room to remove sand and placement of little rugs for our feet at each bedside.


The food was amazing. There was a choice of a full service restaurant with a rotating daily menu, a buffet or a more formal restaurant. We enjoyed each of them.  The quality of the food was beyond expectations with is dining on three course meals each evening including entrees of fresh fish, duck, truffled risotto among others. Since the resort had more of a health conscious atmosphere the food relied on well paired fresh ingredients instead of rich heavy fatty ones. Absolutely amazing!

The activities were also good. We were able to go on morning walks each morning to see some views outside of the resort. I was able to do Spin classes, zumba, yoga, core classes and try tennis and golf.


The staff at the resort were extremely attentive and caring. Very friendly but not intrusive.

Spa treatments everyday! Spa treatments everyday! Amazing! In one week I had a facial, a scrub, an aloe vera wrap, a full body exfoliation and a massage. Amazing! I failed to get a photo of the facility which was beautiful. Very serene.


It was interesting because most of the guests were British. This added some different things to the food menus (banofi pie!) as well as a daily tea service. Also, Pimms while lounging in a beach chair is quite enjoyable!

Since there was so much to do on the resort we only left on our last night. We had an adventure in Rodney Bay where there is a lot of shopping and bars. We ventured out in the evening for cocktails. The first place we went was very chill with some old guy djing from his MacBook – very interesting mix.

We heard there was karaoke at a neighbouring bar so I thought I would go belt out a GnR tune to round out the evening.  To my surprise, karaoke is quite different in the Caribbean….everyone was singing either RnB or rap. It was a lot of fun to watch but to intimidating to participate – especially since I could say with certainty that no one would know who Guns ‘n Roses is.

Although I was able to completely relax, I am excited to go home. Just one more stop in Toronto to get some visits in and then back to home sweet home.




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