We have arrived in Maui! Warm humid air, surrounded by the ocean and lush greenery. A welcome contrast to the snow at home!

Our first two days we stayed at an off the grid place near Haiku. This was Dani’s find and I was both nervous and excited for our ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) experience.

We were greeted by three guard dogs. By guard dogs I mean dogs lazing in the sun unwilling to move so we could park our car. Our host, Brooke (also known as Heaven) showed us to what we would be calling home for the next two nights.

This amazing little hut was fully open to the outside. There was a single basin for washing up, a bed, a single propane element for cooking and a cooler for storing perishables. In the corner was a yoga mat, yoga ball and yoga bricks. It seemed whimsical with all the scarves draped around and the smell of essential oil and fresh air. There was also the most amazing hammock chair


Heaven showed us around the property. The composting toilet, outdoor shower and ‘hot tub’ which was a porcelain bath tub on cinder blocks with a fire pit underneath. There was also a sweat tent. In her tour she picked spinach from the ground for us to try, picked leaves from trees for us to eat and searched desperately for ripe passion fruit to share. This was absolutely another world.


With no access to internet and our phones already nearly dead, total relaxation was in our immediate future.


The next morning I woke up to mediate in the peaceful surroundings. Unfortunately Dani’s attempt at meditating was foiled by a dancing dog (a dog with fleas trying to scratch his back while sliding down a hill)

We walked to a juice stand to get some fresh pineapple and smoothies. We then hiked around a bit




We drove around to take in some of the views and they were magnificent. This included a trip to a lavender farm, goat cheese farm and winery.


We bid farewell to our few days as hippies and moved on to the Westin Resort on the other side of the island.

The change in pace was immediately noticeable. All the people, noise and traffic. We settled in our room and explored the resort. Dani made it her personal mission to gather as many SPG points as possible. This included signing up for a sales presentation and filling out a punch card for different things at the resort. She was successful.

More driving to see amazing views, running each morning and row boating. Also bought and rescinded a timeshare. You know a regular vacation.


I am also obsessed with both sunrise and sunset and was not disappointed.



All and all a lovely vacation. And we will be back…by rescinding the timeshare offer…a good deal was presented to us to visit again. And we will..before 2016!!


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