Hike in Pincher Creek

As my days in Calgary are ticking away before our big trip, I made the trip down to Pincher Creek to go on an awesome hike with my friend Lyndle.

We met in Pincher Creek and drove out to the Carbondale fire lookout hike. But for some reason I thought we were hiking to some waterfalls so I was confused most of the way.
I am what you might call a “novice” hiker – is there something less than novice? If there is something less than novice that is what I am. So we hiked up hill for about 2 hours (like directly up hill) with me huffing and puffing and taking frequent breaks.
About half way up I started asking questions about the water fall. This is when Lyndle had to break it to me that in fact we were just hiking to a lookout.

At the top we were greeted by a cute little fire lookout station inhabited by a sweet man who came out with a guest log for us to sign. The whole situation was slightly reminiscent of that guy in Lost who lives in the hatch and has to keep to pushing that button.

Then we hiked back down which was tons easier than going up so I generally felt a lot better about it.


Then we went into Pincher Creek and ate dinner at this most amazing place called The Grill. The food was basic, but good (we had beef dip and burger). The really amazing thing was the service. Our server was a young Australian girl just in Canada for 2 weeks, here on a two year working holiday visa.

We asked what beers were on tap. We were told that there was likely anything we could want. This was a little startling and we asked her to clarify. She was not able to clarify and we asked if she could go and ask what was available for our beer drinking needs.

She wandered off to the kitchen to clarify what exactly she meant by, “any beer we could want on tap.”

She returned with the information that steam whistle was on tap. Only steam whistle. Which we both had and that was the end of our hiking date.



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