52 days but whose counting

This past weekend was a fury of cleaning and packing to get ready for the trip but more importantly get ready for the opening of Chateau Dani et Jen.

In the last push to save some additional funds and force our hand at getting ready for take off we emptied out our master suite to make room for some people that would be spending time during the Calgary Stampede.  And I mean – EMPTIED!  The closet, bedside tables, makeup table and bathroom all emptied.  Where did we move you ask?  Oh well naturally to the smallest hottest room in the house – since that is the least desired room in Chateau Dani et Jen. Why there and not the basement you ask? Well, that was also rented out by my resourceful wife.
I am actually amazed that we have managed to move ourselves into it! It is a bit cramped but we can manage….for about a month until we are homeless beginning our new nomadic lives.

I wanted to extend our time in Turkey already.  I know. Already.  I have been reading more and more about the ruins (which according to a friend’s trip dossier get tiring after about 8 days but I am sure I will feel differently) and the delicious food so think that I want to extend time there.  Well, this seems nearly impossible since I have called Turkish Airlines on 3 occasions only to be put on hold for over an hour.  I gave up.  Instead I focused on Morocco.

We have booked a tour with Intrepid for Morocco!  We decided to go on a tour since we don’t speak any of the languages and there are alot of culture things that we want to be respectful of.  It hits all the highlights for me minus a couple of towns that I want to see but since we are planning on travelling to Spain – these towns are on the way.


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