What’s in your backpack?

This weekend was more packing and deciding what to put in my backpack.  I had many thoughts about the movie ‘Up in the Air’ and really trying to think about what I really ‘need’ for the next year.  Moving from a house to a backpack is a new level of stress I am unfamiliar with.

This was also the weekend that the cats moved to their new home.  I am so thankful to our friends who will be caring for them in the coming months. They seem somewhat angry in this photo….

Moving Day
Moving Day for the cats

but to cats…or at least our cats…as long as there is a bed to sleep on they are okay

Henry in her new home
Henry in her new home

2 thoughts on “What’s in your backpack?”

  1. The cats seem more unimpressed than angry. Remember to pack 1 Canadian food item and wait 3-6 months before eating it. Dani will have extra room in her pack for this.

  2. There was some hissing to express their displeasure. I am trying to think of a Canadian food item that I would be craving and I am drawing a blank. Then I think…maybe some Kraft Dinner – even thought I haven’t eaten it in years but would be something simple and familiar! And I am sure that Dani will have room in her backpack for that.

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