In Summary – Plan Ahead.

We are in Chicago! We made it! While we were waiting at the airport yesterday we witnessed a few dozen people freaking out because their flight to Chicago had been canceled.  We (me mostly – Jen looked fine) had a heart stopping moment when we thought we might be on that flight as well – and would have to call Peter to come collect us from the airport and try again tomorrow (complete with farewell brunch of course).

But no – it’s 1 pm and I’ve already been to the bean.  wpid-wp-1408991670891.jpeg(Here we are in the Bean – Yes we have matching sunglasses. Enough already.)

And we also have been to the Art Institute – where I saw this painting.  It’s obviously inspired by this one time Magritte saw his wife eating a chocolate… WTF.

Young Girl Eating a Bird, 1927 by Rene Magritte (from

But then it started to pour. Torrentially. Like it does every time Jen travels somewhere. And now we are in the hotel room again. We got upgraded to a sweet room – because I tweeted this –

We are in this epic room with rainy lake view, and also were granted access to the executive floor which includes free breakfast, free coffee, and everything comes in teeny tiny jars. There is tiny honey, tiny ketchup, and tiny tobasco.  Tweeting is worth it. All the time.  We have been treated very well here.

We were not granted the internet, so I paid for it. But Jen got a little testy about it – (something about saving money) and said no more internet in the room after the 24 hour pass is done. I’ll have to go sit in the lobby and use the free wifi with the other poor people.

Oh – and I also did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the hotel shower last night. Please donate to ALS research – here.  I’m on a year away from life as an RRT right now – but this is a cause that is truly near and dear to my heart.




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