1 lost day and 1 day in Turkey.

I’ve had the same response to Turkey as I do to every new place I am in for the first 24 hours… I’m lost and hungry. Jen usually fares better in these situations.
After our 10 hour flight from Chicago (which was amazing, Turkish air is amazing. They let me sample the wine before choosing, even though they had about a billion more people to serve.)


We arrived to our hostel in the Asian side of Istanbul to find that they had no running water. That is exactly what you want to happen after 10 hours on a place and then a few more figuring things like transit out. Of course I didn’t find out until I was in the shower making the floor all dirty with my dirty feet and fiddling with the taps for five mins. Back on in the morning thank goodness.
Transit here is fairly efficient, but there are 3 machines to choose from. One doesn’t take a 20lira note, even though there is a picture of the bill right on it (way to keep things clear people) and will spit out all of your change in coins. The other two machines don’t take coins.
Jens keeping me busy with all of the mosques and museums here. We are breaking the one museum or church per day rule… But so much Istanbul and so little time!

Aya Sofia

Meals come with a never ending supply of bread – perfect for my weight loss plan. And I’m going to get scurvy soon if we don’t eat some veggies. Don’t worry – baklava abounds.
And best of all I heard another tourist say this today, “is this geezer a place?”
The reply? “Gaza, yes.”


One thought on “1 lost day and 1 day in Turkey.”

  1. I agree that Turkish Air is awesome! Their regular service is like other airlines’ business class. I wish there were opportunities to fly with them. Have you tried cherry juice yet?

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